Asquith Magpies Rugby League Club

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Name: Mick Tickner
Number: 0412 886 083

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Contact us via email or online
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Club Address

11-37 Alexandria Parade
Waitara NSW 2077 Australia

A massive milestone this last year for some of our veterans 

🤩Ruben Van Deventer 100 games

🤩Khobe Tickner 100 games

🤩Saia Enasio 100 games

🤩Nicholas Nowland 100 games

🤩Ethan Worne 150 games

🤩James O’Connor 100 games

🤩BJ Wilson 150 games 

🤩Liam Hales 150 games

Loyalty, hard work and a lot of fun.
It is so great to see these young men and boys continue to play for the Asquith
Magpies and the Northern Grizzlies just like the many before them and the many
still to come.
Who will hit their milestones this year?

Congratulations! 100 & 150 GAMES