Asquith Magpies Rugby League Club

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Name: Mick Tickner
Number: 0412 886 083

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11-37 Alexandria Parade
Waitara NSW 2077 Australia

We asked our good friend Kieran Foran to give us a walk down memory lane, and he was more than happy to share some memories  and some photos. 🤩

When I reflect on my time at Asquith as a kid, I am deeply grateful for what the club was able to provide for my enjoyment and development as a rugby league player.

When I moved to Australia with my family from NZ, we moved to St Ives, and we were really keen to find a rugby league club not far from home. From memory, my dad had friends that had their sons playing up there and they recommended it to us.
From my early years at Asquith, I think from under 7’s right through till my final year there as a 14 year old, I was blessed to have some brilliant coaches in Tony O’Brien and Sam Marando in amongst others and also played with the majority of the same group right through the ages and we were all really great friends.

I would play my age group and then if my brothers team were short on players, I’d  often back up in the age group 2 years above. I can honestly say, that Asquith was the perfect club for me to grow and enjoy my footy. It’s one of the many reasons to why I have been able to go on and enjoy a great career in the NRL. And it is for that reason that I am so keen to give back to the club in a mentoring or coaching capacity. 

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