The following are some important football documents you may wish to review or download:



2017 Registration Form

If you would like to become an Asquith Magpie for the 2017 season, please download and complete the attached 2013 Registration Formand drop it off to the Asquith Leagues Club Reception.





2017 Asquith Leagues Club Membership Form






Insurance Claim Form

In the rare event of an injury requiring medical/hospital treatment, you may be able to make a claim under the Junior Rugby League Insurance Policy. To make a claim, please obtain a claim form from the Football Club Secretary, complete it and submit it to the football Club Secretary or President.





Code of Conduct

In Rugby League, we expect all people associated with the game (Players, Officials, Volunteers, Parents or Guardians, Spectators etc.), to act responsibly and to treat all other people involved in the game with the utmost respect.

To support this, the ARL has a Code of Conduct setting out the responsibilities of people involved in the game.

This Code of Conduct is attached for you to download.


Please remember that footy is for the kids and is meant to be fun. Please encourage and applaud efforts of both sides.

Go to the footy to have a good time and to feel proud of the kid’s efforts. If something disappoints you, let it go and don’t let it ruin your day.






Rugby League Laws of Mini Footy Mod League

Rugby League has modified rules for the Under 12’s and below. The reason for this is to allow children time to develop and learn the skills of the game before moving into the full game of the International Rules from the Under 13’s onwards.

Mini Footy operates for the ages 6 to 9 whilst Mod Footy operates for ages 10-12. The following rules are provided for the Mini and Mod ages.






ARLInternational Laws of the Game 2008

For the age group Under 13 through to Open Grade, the International Rules apply.

The following rules are provided for the International Laws.







North Sydney and Manly Grounds

To help you locate grounds, the attached document provides the grounds used by North Sydney and Manly and the address.


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