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The season that nearly wasn’t.

Our preparation for the preseason was on track to make 2020 a massive year for the Magpies, and it started with hosting Australia day at Storey Park.
We had Senior players, NRL Development trainers, Committee members, Coaches and Trainers all on hand to assist with a large scale come try event, and activity stations with plenty of new children being introduced to our wonderful game.

We had our very own Magpies Junior Kieran Foran return to the club, to help out in a mentoring role.

Kieran planned to be a hands on coaching assistant for all of our junior teams as well as a combined Grizzlies sides. We can confirm he is still keen for next season, depending on restrictions. 

Our Grand Final winning U20’s were moving up to the U23’s this year, and we also welcomed new players as well as a new coach – Ben Hunt.  They started the preseason with a 2 day camp to Del Rio to bond and prepare them for the tough season ahead which was a great success.

Our junior coaches were fortunate enough to undertake a 4 week Coaching development course which had them keen and eager to demonstrate these new skills with players, some also attended the NSWRL National coaching weekend. 


Preseason then began……Unfortunately we all know what happened next and all sports were bought to a complete halt.

This definitely was going to be a year like no other. We had put so much into starting early, kids were excited to get out onto the field however we truly did not know if anything was going to be possible in 2020.

Unfortunately  our senior teams would no longer be able to compete, our club was shut, funding dried up and there were huge hurdles and guidelines for us to commit to, in order to get kids playing footy again.

Asquith Magpies came up with a plan to get an online training programme, and in Junction with Daniel Vasic made this a reality. The program allowed all of our kids and seniors stuck at home train and remain fit. It was such a success that it was rolled out to all clubs in the district.


Eventually community sport was allowed to resume, but with added conditions, forcing many clubs across the state to withdraw from competitions due to the additional work load to get on the park.
With the help of our Committee, our regular Volunteers, our Parents and our Sponsors,  Asquith Magpies has been able to set the standard when it comes to Covid compliance,  and continues to be at the forefront of game day experience for our children and parents even having a full time Barista and professional coffee machine onsite

Without everyone’s ongoing support we would not have gotten through this.

This year, despite all the troubles, we’ve attracted a large number of new participants as well as retaining most of our regular players and still continuing to grow in girls tackle. 


This year Asquith added pink to all teams Jerseys as a show of respect to all the women involved in our sport  at all levels. 

We had players reach milestones:

100 games Khobe Tickner, Saia Enasio, Ruben Van Deventer, Nicholas Nowland and James O’Connor
150 games Ethan Worne, Bernard Wilson and Liam Hales.

We also had 3 teams win their Grand Finals

u10’s in Silver
u14’s in Silver

This year there was no season launch, no mid year dinner, no social gatherings and still no presentation day.



Regardless of the all the negatives this year has thrown at us, every weekend we’ve seen happy faces playing the game they love with their friends, and considering where everything was and still is, in some respects, this is the biggest win, we as  a club could ask for.

Special thanks to players, parents, volunteers, committee members and especially our Sponsors. It is all of you that make the Asquith Magpies the best Junior Rugby League Club on the North shore. We look forward to a fantastic 2021!

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